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Privacy Policy

This is Privacy Policy for Geocaching API services used by Geoget application.

Geoget is application for customer personal usage only and runs on customer's personal computer. It is not a service with public access. Geoget does not store any your private information (included informations from the Geocaching API) outside customer's computer. Information needed for authorized access into Geocaching API is stored encrypted and protected for usage on different computer, by a different application, or by an another user.

Geoget's Privacy policy is comply with Geocaching HQ Privacy Policy. Any customer information acquired through the API or submitted by an End-User through the use of a Client is held in confidence in accordance with this policy.


Powered by the Geocaching API. Made possible through the support of Geocaching Premium Memberships, the API program gives third-party developers the opportunity to work with Geocaching HQ on a full suite of integrated products and services for the community. API developer applications are designed to work with the core services of and provide additional features to the geocaching community.

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