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GeoGet program can be used by anyone free of charge, but only for your personal usage. Author of the program bears no responsibility for damage caused by using the program. The author assumes responsibility for the use of the program in a manner that is inconsistent with any applicable law. The author assumes responsibility for it, if the user program processes the data that the user obtains or uses inconsistent with the licensing arrangements of data providers.

Privacy Policy

:!: If you not agree with license terms, do not use GeoGet program!

Available versions

FilenameLast modified
geogetsetup- (7.25 MiB, 10M ago, 3955 downloads)2018/06/15 08:03
geogetsetup- (7.24 MiB, 1y ago, 1814 downloads)2018/04/17 20:47
geogetsetup- (7.24 MiB, 1y ago, 1400 downloads)2018/03/11 18:16

Public betaversions

FilenameLast modified
geogetbetasetup- (7.52 MiB, 3w ago, 55 downloads)2019/03/31 20:02
geogetbetasetup- (7.52 MiB, 1M ago, 62 downloads)2019/03/17 16:59

Geoget Addons

MapSource Manager

Manage maps in your Garmin MapSource. See the separate page.

GGZ generator

Tool for conversion from GPX into Garmin GGZ. See the GGZgen page.

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