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GGZgen - GGZ generator

GGZgen is Win32 commandline tool for conversion of GPX files into Garmin GGZ file. It is designed for automated calls by the scripts.

:?: GGZ file is new format for storing Geocache listings into Garmin GPS. Old way using GPX files is limited to a few thousands geocaches only. GGZ file is nearly unlimited. You can use GGZ if you have Garmin Oregon 6xx or newer model. So, you can create many GPX files by your favourite tool and convert them into one GGZ file by GGZgen tool.

Note: Garmin does not provide any information about GGZ file format. Please, report any incompatibilites. Thank you!


ggzgen.exe <source_gpx> <destination_ggz>

source_gpx - Filename of GPX to process. You can use wildcards too! For example: C:\temp\*.gpx process all GPX files in c:\temp directory.

destination_ggz - Filename of output GGZ file.


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  • 2013-07-10 - First release.
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