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GPIgen - GPI generator

GPIgen is Win32 commandline tool for conversion of GPX files into Garmin GPI file. It is designed for automated calls by the scripts.

:?: GPI file is format for storing custom Point-Of-Interest into Garmin GPS.

Note: Garmin does not provide any information about GPI file format. Please, report any incompatibilites. Thank you!


gpigen.exe <source_path> <destination_file>

source_path - Path to directory with set of GPX files to process. Format of GPX files are same as for Garmin PoiLoader.

destination_file - Filename of output GPI file.


  • Can process GPX files in same structure as for Garmin ™ PoiLoader.
  • GPX files using same internal format as for Garmin ™ PoiLoader.
  • Can process multiple POI groups with multiple categories.
  • POI icons can be defined by a category or for each POI separately.
  • Any POI can have attached JPEG image.
  • POI can have comment and/or description (include HTML).
  • POI can have an address fields.
  • POI can have a contact fields.
  • Proximity and speed alerts are supported.
  • Support for POI in unicode. (Oregon, Dakota, eTrex20/30) [GpiGen 1.1.0]


  • supported POI icons are 8-bit uncompressed BMP up to 48×48 size only!
  • CSV sources are not supported! You must use GPX only.
  • TourGuide audio is not supported.


FilenameFilesizeLast modified
gpigen-1.2.0.zip696.3 KiB2018/07/17 20:39
gpigen-1.1.1.zip434.3 KiB2015/09/14 00:00
gpigen-1.1.0.zip433.7 KiB2014/06/22 00:00


  • 2014-05-26 - First release
  • 2014-06-22 - 1.1.0 with unicode support
  • 2015-09-14 - 1.1.1 with memory optimalization
  • 2018-07-17 - 1.2.0 Optimalizations, increased supported BMP size from 24×24 to 48×48, enhanced error handling.
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