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 +====== Privacy Policy ======
 +== This is Privacy Policy for Geocaching Live services used by Geoget application. ==
 +Geoget is application for customer personal usage only and runs on customer'​s personal computer. It is not a service with public access. Geoget does not store any your private information (included informations from the Geocaching Live) outside customer'​s computer. Information needed for authorized access into Geocaching Live is stored encrypted and protected for usage on different computer, by a different application,​ or by an anothet user.
 +Geoget'​s Privacy policy is comply with [[http://​​about/​privacypolicy.aspx|Privacy Policy used on]]. ​
 +Any customer information acquired through the API or submitted by an End-User through the use of a Client is held in confidence in accordance with this policy.
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